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Lifting Facial

A place to reverse the process of ageing

Exfoliates Dead Skin

Express Cleasing Treatment

Have access to a smooth and clear skin with our services. We have different types of treatments to help you clear out your skin for the best results.


Skin Analysis


Ultrasonic Dead Cells Removal Treatment

We incorporated the benefits of ultrasonic into your beauty regime for through deep cleanse.

Feather Light Quick Cleanse Treatment

Want something quick, easy and effective. You can ask for your feather light quick cleanse treatment.

Advanced Moisturising Bio-Cellulose Mask Treatment

Bring back moisture into your skin with the right treatment and we have developed a better way to beating the dryness in your skin.


Surgical Procedure


Satisfied Clients


minutes Treatment time


Acne & Shallow Scar Treatment

Have access to clear and glowing skin with out easy and quick acne treatments.

Add On

Micro Peel Skin Rejunevating Treatment

Give yourself a new skin with our micro peel treatment which can promote healthy cell growth from within.

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  • If nature fails to provide, then visit the plastic surgeon. That's what millions of people do. If you're among the millions who are considering plastic surgery, here are some important points to ponder.   #1: Make sure you meet with the actual doctor or surgeon during your initial consultation.     Meeting the plastic surgeon is essential for clear communication about the patient's desires and what can realistically be achieved.   First impressions are crucial. Call them ahead of time and see if the staff is friendly and helpful, or if they treat you like a number. And when you do have the consultation, make sure you feel like the surgeon is listening to you and that you feel comfortable with him or her.

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    #2: If you have a picture of someone with a particular feature that you like, bring it to the consultation.   This can help the plastic surgeon to understand your desires. Computer imaging also allows would-be patients to see the predicted results of their procedure. However, people also need to realize that sometimes these photos are not realistic, or would require drastic changes that cannot be sufficiently achieved through cosmetic procedures.   #3: If it will take a combination of procedures to achieve the results you want, considering more than one at a time to save time and money.   Plastic surgery requires recovery time. Many patients find it more convenient and cost-effective to undergo more than one procedure at a time. In medical practice, surgeons perform as many procedures in one sitting as is safely possible. Safety is an issue to consider when bundling procedures, so do not over do it but it certainly makes sense to have two, even three small procedures at once.   Another hint to save some money is to make yourself ready at the spur of the moment. It's a fact of scheduling life in a busy plastic surgeon's practice that last minute cancellations take place. Being available on short notice when the surgeon has an unexpected opening in his or her surgical schedule can also help reduce costs because many surgeons are willing to give a reduced fee not to waste expensive (and already scheduled) operating room time. Be sure to ask your plastic surgeon directly what can be done to reduce the total cost of your procedure(s) without compromising the results.   #4: Talk to former patients.   Most plastic surgeons may be willing to show you before and after photos of the previous patient, but don't stop there. Ask to speak with former patients. Many people get referrals from friends or acquaintances who have already had cosmetic surgery, that's a great idea too. Others get references from their primary care physician or another medical specialist. Both can be helpful.   However, if you haven't had that opportunity to speak with one of the plastic surgeon's former patients, it's perfectly acceptable to ask for contact names and phone numbers.   #5: Check the qualifications.   Perhaps the most important advice to remember before undergoing cosmetic surgery is to check the credentials of the surgeon.   A growing number of medical practitioners, pressured by the steady reduction in medical reimbursement, are deciding to supplement their income by dabbling in the cosmetic world without specialized training.  

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